I love fixing problems and the immediate satisfaction customers give me for work well done. I am a Master Plumber. I am also certified to work on furnaces, air conditioners, instantaneous water heaters, dye testing and backflow testing.


I have over 12000 documented work hours as a Plumber in the Pittsburgh Area. I provide plumbing, heating, cooling, backflow testing, water heater installation and repair. I work on boilers-- both steam and hydronic. Do you need help in zone systems? No problem. I listen to your needs and propose solutions. I work with people who have immediate emergencies and who plan ahead. I love to explore and implement new solutions to fit your needs. I prefer to find out what the problem is and focus on solving it. If we need to replace the unit, we know for sure it will fix the problem. Whether it's general household plumbing, water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, filtration, or design, I'm fully equipped and skilled to perform your work. I hold specialized licenses in universal refrigeration, tankless water heaters, flexible gas lines, backflow testing, and more. I offer free competitive quotes on larger jobs and will provide ball-park estimates via phone or email for smaller work.

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