What is Backflow and why is it required?

We expect clean, drinkable water when we drink or bath. What happens when the pressure in your boiler, your tub, or a chemical mixing plant exceeds that of the water main? Water, chemicals, and bacteria can flow into the water main and contaminate our water supply. Backflow refers to the reversal of water flow. Good prevention can prevent a serious health risk. For this reason, building codes, the EPA, PA State Regulators and water companies require backflow devices to protect the public water supply. All commercial buildings, apartments, condos, buildings with integrated fire systems, farms, new commercial construction and new residential properties require backflow prevention devices.

Who enforces backflow testing?

Your local water company or the ACHD Plumbing Inspector require you to add a backflow device. However, the EPA, the state of Pennsylvania, and other agencies are behind the scenes writing laws and enforcing them to protect the water supply.

What happens if I don't install or test backflow devices?

You will receive a notice from your local water company. Usually they give you three chances to provide certified test results to them. Failure will result in disconnecting water service to your home or business.

Who is qualified to test bacfkflow devices?

In order to be qualified to test backflow devices testers must attend a 30 hour class taught by a certified instructor. They must regularly pass a half day written and hands-on certification test.

How often is testing required?

Yearly testing is required for Double Check (DC) and Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) devices.

Are you certified?

Yes. I am a Licensed Master Plumber and have special certifications in backflow testing from the ASSE. At the completion of every test we submit certified copies to the water authority.

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