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We all want clean rivers and streams and this helps prevent storm runoff from entering our sewage treatment plant. By rerouting storm runoff our sewage treatment plant can do a better job of processing waste from our sewers. Dye testing is required when a home transfer, sale, and often when a home is refinanced. Depending on where the property is depends on the correct steps necessary to dye test. All dye tests require the signature of a master plumber. Some parts of town require video footage of the quality of the underground piping. Most commonly a master plumber has to put dye in the storm piping and trace where the dye flows. He then certifies the dye test and submits it to the borough or city.

City of Pittsburgh and Dye Testing:


Includes City of Pittsburgh borough maps showing where dye testing is required, provides forms, and answers many questions

When a dye test is required there is usually a closing date. We want to perform the dye test as early as possible. If there are any deficiencies and work is required to pass the test we will work closely with you to resolve.

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